CHRONIC PAIN is a multifaceted and complex syndrome that adversely affects a person’s physical, emotional, socioeconomic, and spiritual well-being.
It can disrupt human relationships, creativity, productivity and impact the quality of life.
It slows you down, controls what you can and can not do and puts boundaries on your world.

American Pain Institute, with two locations in Orange and Los Angeles County area, is designed to help you regain control of your life by reducing your level of pain and helping you return to a normal and productive life.  We are committed to improving the lives of people with chronic pain.  Whether the cause of your pain is known or not, now is the time to get help.

Pain medicine (or pain management) specialists treat all types of pain. Acute pain is described as severe or sharp and may signal something is wrong. The pain experienced during dental work is an example of acute pain. Pain lasting 6 months or longer is defined as chronic. This type of pain varies from mild to severe and is consistent. Arthritis pain is often chronic. Although chronic pain is difficult to manage, combining different treatments often produces a good outcome.

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