American Pain Institute – founded by Miguel A. Dominguez, MD –  is a comprehensive pain management practice dedicated to providiing high quality care in Orange and Los Angeles County.  Dr. Dominguez utilizes a comprehensive approach in the management of acute and chronic pain.

In our multi-faceted program we use the most state of the art modalities in managing pain.  This includes, but not limited to medication management, minimally invasive procedures and implantable devices. With extensive experience in interventional pain management, our board-certified and fellowship-trained pain managment physician, Miguel A. Dominguez, MD, specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain conditions.

At American Pain Institute, we think “out of the box” and have innovative and cutting edge protocals to help ease the discomfort of our patients. Our goal is to improve the patient’s quality of life, so they can return to the most functional and productive lifestyle possible.

Our interventional pain management procedures are done here at American Pain Institute using image guiding  C-arms and Fluoroscopy enabling precise placement of medications.

Having a Ambulatory Surgery Center on site is a major advantage to our patients. No need to schedule another trip to an outside surgery center and make another appointment. No need to travel across town for a surgery center. American Pain Institute is dedicated strictly to our patients and allows us to do same day procedures.

This is a huge benefit to you as our patient.

If you live with chronic pain or you have a family member that does, call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dominguez.